Strategic Tips to make Kids Fall in Love with Golf


Aug 07

Does golf necessarily need to be a game for the adults? Can it not be played and enjoyed by kids? Of course, it can because it is one of the most popular sports that must be thoroughly enjoyed while playing. In fact, kids represent the future generation who must seek proper guidance from their parents in learning the game. As parents, you might have always wanted your little one to play the game. But you are clueless how to make your kids understand the game and take interest in it. Well, the most important thing for you is to understand that you must teach your child the right ways of learning the game, or otherwise, they might soon lose interest in the game.

So, let’s find out some tips and ideas that will help your child learn the game in a positive manner:

  • Let your little ones enjoy the game – When you will see your 5-year old son or daughter holding the club like a baseball bat, don’t yell out at them. Just enjoy the moment and let them also enjoy. The game must be learnt and played with fun, or otherwise, they will take the game in a serious tone and might therefore develop fear for the game. Rather, just take the pleasure to follow them around and keep explaining things whenever they get curious. In this way, they will take interest in learning the game with time.
  • Take them to regular practices – By regular practice, it does not mean that you will be taking them to courses every morning. Well, if you wish, you can take them daily but try to visit the courses during the evening when it will be less crowded. He/she can then run throughout the course, hit some shots, try around hundred putts and have some fun at the bunkers. So, the first learning begins from the courses where you can teach them small little aspects of the game.
  • Cheer them up – Being a golfer, you are very well aware of the good shots and the bad shots. But when it comes to teaching your kids, do not be too fast to differentiate. First, try to appreciate their efforts when they will be taking a shot. If it’s a great shot, tell them that they have done well. If it’s a bad shot, tell them it was a nice attempt but they can do better. You might even find them taking more interest in hitting the shots in the water hazards instead of hitting them over. Allow them if they love to do. With time, you can keep teaching them the right things.
  • Provide them the right equipment – One thing where children go wrong while learning golf is playing with the wrong equipment. Rather, you must provide them the right equipment that will help them play the right game in the right manner. To learn swings, they must not start using heavy clubs or those too long. With a set of clubs meant for juniors, they will be able to learn the game with much more interest. Of course, at this age, they will not have such a good idea on the selection of clubs. So, don’t teach them too fast. Make sure that they are enjoying every aspect of the game.
  • Try to communicate with them – Children usually fail to communicate their thoughts and feelings. So, you need to take the initiative and talk to their level. You need to ask them constantly as to what they are not able to understand. You can even simplify those golfing terminology and explain them in a very simplified manner.
  • Stop being critical – In the process of learning the game of golf, your kids will do thousands of mistakes. Try to be always supportive in their actions and not criticize them because you must know that they are learning the game. So, it’s better not to act as their coach. Instead, try to be their cheerleader and a very inspiring figure.
  • Keep small rewards – A good strategy to make them more competitive is to reward them for little achievements. Kids usually love to beat their elders and considers it a big win. Take these opportunities and reward them. Believe it or not, they will try to fix up those issues they have been making and aim to come out as the victor.

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