Smart Swing Tips for Golfers of Tomorrow


Jul 12

One of the biggest concerns of a golfer is to get the swings right while playing a game on a course. It is said to be one of the difficult and best things to learn in this sport. This is a big reason why golf instructors advise to get the best clubs that play the key role in helping individuals learn swings faster. Moreover, while playing or during the practice sessions, you will come across a lot of people coming up with tips and suggestions regarding swings. However, you need to get into more and more practice sessions to get your swings correct and of course with the right type of club.

To be a real golfer, it’s actually useless to spend sleepless nights in the thought as to when you are going to be the expert swing taker. Well, after you have chosen the right club, tried some shots with it, explored the course a good number of times and learned about the holes, you can start working on swings. Most importantly, you cannot be so restless in learning it. It usually takes time and you never know how much time you might take to learn swings.

So here are some top swing tips that will certainly help you become a better golfer with time. Have a look:

  • Lower your hands – As a golfer, you must always try to restrict the height of the follow through. This would certainly help in keeping the height of your shots low. If you want to keep the ball flight low, make sure that you are also keeping your hands low. Alternatively, you can always choose a stronger club to get your swings easily. However, it’s advisable not to try so as that would be quite difficult to execute. So why not keep your hands low so as to ensure that your shots too are kept lower?
  • Keep your right forearm parallel to your spine – If you really want to strike the ball hard and with sheer accuracy, you must keep yourself on the plane that would actually help you take the swing at its best. So, you need to keep your right forearm in line with your spine. Moreover, check that your left wrist is flat, and also that your arms and elbows have formed together into the shape of a triangle. If this can be done, you will know that you have been able to rotate your shoulders perfectly into the backswing.
  • Give more power using your body – Ask any golfer and you will come to know that the force with which you will be taking the shots must come from your body, and not from your arms. So, you need to hold the club and sync it with your body power in such a manner that the ball is struck with might. Just make sure that the club is kept behind the ball and your body rested at a dead-stop position. So while you will be moving ahead to take a backswing, attempt to drag the ball into the air. If you have a habit of controlling the club too much with your hands, you might struggle at first. But when you will learn to start moving the club, you will take pleasure in consistently getting the ball in the air.
  • Keep an eye on your elbow – There are players who prefer either keeping their elbows flying out or keeping in. Depending on it, you will be able to hit great shots. Keeping the right elbow flying out will lower the chances of ball-flight. A tucked in right elbow will instead promote a draw. So it depends on you and your comfort level as in what position you would prefer to keep your elbows while playing.
  • Avoid flipping – A big blunder is to get your body too far in front of the ball. This is called flipping. If this happens, your club will mostly lag and that also drastically with an open face. In fact, your hands will automatically work towards closing the face at impact.
  • Work on Chipping – Start working on the chipping technique right from start. If you think that the courses are too far away from home, you can take some space at your home only to master this technique. A broken gold shaft or a wooden dowel can rather do a good job in assisting you.

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