Simmons 801405 Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder Review

Oct 07
Simmons 801405 Rangefinder
Looks & Feel
Ease of Use


LCD Display

When one loves and enjoys both hunting and golfing, they usually look for a device that will give them precise information and measurements in one place and without any lagging. The Simmons provides all of this in just one gadget and the marvelous LCD that varies somewhat than the other rangefinders. Once the device points in the targeted direction, the screen goes on and does the rest. If by any chance one shows interest in how much of a battery life is left, there is a battery indicator that shows the exact percentage of the battery at the center of the display. This Simmons 801405 rangefinder can measure virtually any obstacle: all you need to do is the point at the target and press the button which is located on the top, and it will display the distance in yards or meters, depending on what one prefers.

Range and Magnification Scale 

Good rangefinder must measure long distances if it is to be the best in the market. If one rangefinder doesn’t do this, then it is not a good rangefinder, and the money is spent on a common device. The Simmons however, has a 4x magnification range, and whenever one needs to bring the image of a target closer to one’s sight, this device can do that without trouble. The range and the distance measure up to 600 yards which are very satisfying considering that this device can also be used for hunting, so it comes in handy. Closest range is at 10 yards, but at the reports of many customers, it can be as close as 5 yards. If anyone looks at the range, this is without a doubt the best rangefinder there is. The vertical configuration is also one key feature here.

Weather Resistant 

The lens is most vulnerable to elements. This is why manufacturers are trying to create rangefinder that will withstand any weather. If by chance one tries to golf when it is raining outside, they can do it because the rangefinder won’t be damaged or in any way affected. The case that comes with the gadget is also water-resistant but not waterproof. With it being easy to clean and coming in black and camouflage colors, this makes Simmons one of the best rangefinders on the list.

Compact Design 

Anyone who likes golfing or hunting need something that can easily fit in the pocket or hand. The design of Simmons rangefinder is exactly like that: compact and easy to fit wherever one would like. It has an efficient vertical design which fits into anyone’s hand, and this comes very handily when one goes hunting as well. It is lightweight and simple and even comes with a belt loop for easy carrying. What more could one want?

One Button Operates All

The Simmons like to be simple yet efficient. This is why they’ve designed their range finders to have one button that is at the same time power button and acts as an activator for a laser that measures range. The measurements also switch metrics from meters to yards which are useful because we are all different and prefer different metrics.


- The design is easy to handle.

- It is water resistant.

- No need for power cables.

- Carry case is included with the purchase.

- One button action.

- 4x magnification range.

- Price is affordable.

- The display shows battery percentage.

- It comes with colors black and camouflage.


- The gadget fogs up easily.

- Accuracy falls off after 300 yards.

- No angle measurement or horizontal distance.

- Lack of modes.

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