Play Golf in the Rain with Pleasure


Aug 02

Do you think playing golf is challenging only in cold weather? Do you also think that taking the right swings is the hardest part of the sport? Well, these aspects make golf an amazing sport as it involves both entertainment and challenges. However, one of the biggest complications that golfers face is when they play under the rain. Well, it’s obvious that the majority of golfers would not bother to schedule games under such circumstances. But one who is ready to play the sport in all circumstances, especially in the rain, will certainly require some tips and suggestions that might turn to be helpful in his/her career.

So, if you are ready with your club and the ball waiting to have a good experience in the rain, take a look at the following points for assistance:

  • Stay dry – How is it possible to stay dry in the open air under the rain? The answer is a waterproof suit. This is no doubt a smart alternative if you are really determined to play under the rain. You might feel a bit warm and bulky but that would not cause irritation owing to the water dripping from the hair. There are also trousers with leg vents that can be adjusted accordingly that would make it easier for you to move throughout the ground.
  • Wear a hat – Hats are always better than caps as they usually keep your entire forehead covered. Caps cover the front portion of your head but leave the back open. So, there is always a possibility of getting drenched even if you wear a cap. Moreover, almost 80% of your body heat is released through your head. So, hats are crucial for all golfers.
  • Wear good quality golf shoes – During rain, the golf courses are full of water, and this requires the golfer to wear a solid pair of shoes that can withstand bad ground conditions. Try wearing a pair of brown or black shoes that will not result in discoloration. Shoes with metal spikes are also worth investing in as they score high in offering stronger and better grips.
  • Go for synthetic gloves – When it comes to playing golf in wet conditions, a pair of synthetic gloves is a must. With these gloves, it will be easier for you to hold the club better and take shots comfortably. Try to avoid wearing leather gloves as they slip a lot and will never keep you at ease. So, while you are carrying your dress kit to the course, make sure to add a couple of extra synthetic gloves along with some towels so that you can stay dry and play with no distractions.
  • Keep your bag dry – It’s difficult to keep your bag dry and ensure that it does not leak. So, look for good quality bags with multiple zipped compartments where you can carry all your playing accessories. Plastic bag covers are best for the winters and also because you can see through them and therefore get easy access to take them out whenever necessary.
  • Follow the rules in wet conditions – There are different rules for different course conditions. For instance, there are winter rules as well as rules for closely mown areas covering the green. While it rains, you will probably have to clean the ball, mark it, again clean it and then replace by six inches of where it was initially rested, and so on.
  • Know about the weather limitations – Being a golfer, you must remember that the wetter the course, the lesser the chances of the ball going too far. So, you must choose clubs accordingly so that you are not left disappointed with every shot. A safer alternative would be to consider taking an extra club that would not restrict you to playing with one club only.
  • Opt for woods – The best club that can give you the best treatment on the course is wood. Do not make the mistake of taking the long irons. They will actually not work out in such unfavorable weather conditions. Long clubs moreover will not let you strike hard, and if you cannot do this, you will certainly not enjoy playing the game.
  • Don’t expect delicate shots – Wet conditions will not easily give golfers the pleasure to take delicate shots. So, you need to be bold in this respect. Place the ball at the back of your stance and go for shots that can get you good strikes.

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