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Dec 28
Nike Air Sport
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Nike is a big brand which makes some of the best golf bags in the market. Golfers love Nike products because they are very durable. The high-quality fabrics used to make the bag makes it very durable. It has many pockets. Some pockets have zips making it suitable when carrying different items which can drop out of your pockets.

Features of Nike Air Sports golf bag

  • Pockets: The bag has a total of 9 pockets. Six of the pockets are zipped hence suitable for specific purposes. One of the pockets is fleece lined and water resistant. If you like to carry items which can be affected by water, then you can tack it in the water resistant pocket. The full-length pocket allows you to carry apparel conveniently. Insulated cooler pockets enable you to carry items which require temperature control.
  • Comfortable Strap:The Nike EquaFlex revolving double strap makes the bag unique. The strap is easy to carry making you comfortable when out playing golf. If you like to enjoy your golf sport, then you need to buy a bag which will make you comfortable hence carrying golf gears, the bag is among the best you can ever buy and enjoy great comfort holding it.
  • 8.5 Inches Top:The top has three dividers with eight ways. The dividers are full length which makes your club organization easier. With Nike, you will always stay an organized golfer even when traveling to golf course located way from your home.
  • Grip Legs:The bag does not easily tip. It has custom grip legs with end caps. For those looking for the best stand golf bag, it is among the top picks. It has a great design which cannot disappoint you. The materials are of high quality hence making it serve you for an extended period before you can replace it.
  • Rain Hood:Even during rainy conditions, you will still play your favorite game. The rain hood protects you from rain as you play golf. The rain hood covers the bag well so that you can continue playing without worry of essential items in your bag becoming wet.
  • Weight of Nike Air Sport Golf Bag:The bag weighs only 4.72 pounds. If you are looking for the lightest bags in the market, then you will find the bag among the best for you to consider.

Pros of Nike Air Sport Golf Bag

  • Very attractive.If you will like to stand out at the golf courses, then buying the buy is among positive efforts you can make. Most golfers will like to achieve a great image; the bag has been made to assure them great peace of mind when it comes to creating a positive look at the golf course.
  • Enough pockets.The kit comes with enough pockets for you to carry everything you need for the golf course. After you buy the bag, you will never have to leave some items behind due to lack of enough space. The designers took the time to incorporate all pockets you need to achieve excellent performance.
  • Very durable.Most bags from Nike are very durable. This is due to the durable materials the company uses to make sports equipment. It has the best construction and fabrics to last for ages before you can think of another golf bag.
  • Reasonably priced.The bag may not be the cheapest in the market, but after taking into consideration the many features it has, you will realize it is among the most moderately priced bags on the market. It is an affordable kit you can buy and achieve great convenience when carrying different items to your golf course.

Cons of Nike Air Sport Golf Bag

  • Very durable.Some customers complain of some parts tearing after a short while. For instance, several customers have complained of the golf ball tearing after a short while.
  • Requires regular cleaning.The bag is all white inside. Due to the nature of the sport, you will have to clean it regularly to avoid development of hard stains. The regular cleaning can make it inconvenient if you are among those who will like to carry the bag to different occasions before you can think of cleaning it.
  • Does not have dividers for each club.Sometimes the clubs carried in the bag can become tangled. The lack of enough dividers makes it allow tangling of the clubs. If you like to have your clubs in the best condition, you may think of another option due to the absence of dividers.

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