Some Major Etiquette for Real Golfers


May 11

Each and every sport requires some minimum etiquette that plays a key role in sustaining its pride and popularity. Golf, for example, has a long list of etiquettes which every golfer must comply with. Sometimes, however, it becomes difficult to keep those in mind. So if you are one of those aspirers willing to enter the world of golfing, here are some crucial rules that would certainly help you hold on to the image of a professional golfer on the course.

  • Know the right place where to stand – A lot of golfers stay confused where to stand while the other golfer is teeing off. Well, the best position will be the sides of the tee box or just behind the golfer. Remember, the golfer will have his eyes down on the ball. So, you won’t be obstructing his vision at all. However, do not make the mistake of taking the back side of the tee box, or otherwise, the golfer will surely catch a glimpse of you.


  • Do not play with your shadows – It’s funny but true that some golfers are just clueless as where actually their shadow lies. This is indeed a major problem, especially during early morning or late in the noon. While trying to putt, it’s really annoying to see one’s shadow moving to and fro over the hole. So take your position in such a manner that the other person stays between you and the sun. On doing so, your shadow will never get in your way.


  • No whispers please – Golf is certainly a game of concentration where distractions are not allowed. You cannot start sharing an incident or a story to someone who is about to take a hit. Prior to taking a putt, it needs attentiveness to get the job done. So you cannot expect that the other golfer will want to hear something interesting from you while he/she is aiming a shot.


  • Mark your ball – Most golfers make the blunder in wondering whether the ball is going to distract the other golfer after the putt has been missed. Well, it just takes 2 seconds to mark the ball. So if you have missed a putt, it’s completely on you whether you will wait till everyone standing farthest has gone or you can always hole out. So you cannot just come with an excuse for not having marked a ball. Another alternative is to use a coin for putting down a ball mark.


  • Stay safe – You never know what is going on in the mind of your fellow golfer. If he is not a professional somehow and wants to get over you by striking the ball making your forehead the target, you might face a big mishap. So it’s better not to stand opposite of him. A golf course encompasses a huge area. So you can always maintain a safe distance from the golfer.


Now enjoy golfing keeping these etiquettes in mind. You are surely going to be a smart golfer in comparison to your partner.

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