Know the Crucial Sections of a Golf Club


Jul 05

One of the necessary things to know about golf is the club with which it is played. It is not a mere equipment that helps you hit the ball hard but it also has a lot of technical aspects that a golfer must be aware of. Although it looks like a long stick, it has different parts and each of these parts bears a name along with a function. So if you are out on the course with a club and a ball but without any knowledge of how to make good use of it during a match, you might fall short of your competitors. So, if you have bought a club recently, it would be advisable to learn about it first and then proceed towards using it against the ball.

Let’s start with the Sole

Being a golfer, you need to think out of the box when it comes to learning about a golf club. The majority of golfers do not pay heed to the sole. Rather, they are more concerned with the bottom or the desired iron number while taking out a club from the golf bag. Well, an accurately designed sole on an iron club will just slice through the turf smoothly and cut down on the twisting of the club, thereby keeping you alert on poorly delivered hits.

Do Not Ignore the Back of Club Heads

For quite some time, clubs were built with no importance on their back. The traditional clubs were then known as muscle-back irons since they had all the weight coming down on the center. The player had to strike the ball just in front of that weight and take the shot. Today, technology has made things a lot easier. Owing to improvement in the quality of materials as well as technology, the weight has been spread around the club’s perimeter. As a result, the face of the club stands far away from the shaft while the heel stands quite close to the shaft. This lets one take shots with ease. So while choosing a club, one must pick a club that is heavy enough to control resisting but quite light at the same time to swing with great speed.

Check the Face of the Club

If there is any striking feature of a club, it is the grooves. Experts say that it is one of the most difficult aspects to understand in a club. Well, the relationship of grooves with a club face is that of a rubber tyre on a dry road. To be precise, just recall the good things that happen when one strikes a golf ball. In other words, the grooves help the ball to stay in good contact with the club. The deeper the contact, the better the shot. So, the club face must have grooves, or otherwise, the shots will stay lifeless. Players who need to be good at swings must ensure that their clubs are having grooves.

Hosel can help your Swings Go Right

Golfers who are not able to make improvements on their swings must consider the construction of their clubs. To be precise, the hosel needs to be checked, which is nothing but the small metal piece protruding from the club head just where the shaft has been inserted. With an offset club, the hand of the golfer will be placed ahead of the head of the club.  Just make sure to avoid hitting the ball with the help of the hosel.

Get to know the Grip

The best thing to judge whether the club is having a good grip or not is through its material. In other words, the grip should be your sole connection with the golf club. If you place your hands properly on the club, you will have better control that will help you position the clubface at impact. In times of swing, your body turns in order to build power. As the body rotates, the golf club also rotates at the same speed. In other words, the club and body should turn together as a team.

Find the best shaft for your game

The shaft is nothing but the engine of your club. It is more than the hollow tube that connects the club head and the grip. Although a standard driver length measures up to 44 inches, one can play a shaft up to 48 inches. The duration of the ball flying will depend on how long the shaft is. Golfers who are moving ahead to the course for a game can always ask a club fitter to choose the best shaft for him.

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