My Golf Pet Peeves for the Day


May 11

I will never ever stop saying that Golf is a wonderful sport. Indeed, it makes my day and keeps me energized with my club and the ball.  Despite, there are some things that are quite disappointing and are just not done. So I have shared below a few of my pet peeves in relation to golf. I hope every golfer would understand why I am feeling so annoyed with certain unpleasant happenings.

  1. Pay for anyone you bring along – Totally unfair. It’s actually quite humiliating that I will have to bear fees for whoever I walk along. Even if it is my spouse, I will have to pay $30 and that too for playing one single round. It just makes me feel as if I am not worth it. Bad, really bad!!


  1. Blind shots – Believe it or not, they bring zero excitement to the game. Rather, I would say that it’s very silly. In fact, I am confident enough to say that those who play the course once will find it worthless.


  1. Cart Paths – Being a golfer, I always prefer walking with those push carts. Well, there are some players who just cannot take a full round. Instead, I know a lot of people prefer taking rides. Well, this does not mean that the cart paths will have to be extended from tee to green, isn’t it? In fact, cart paths are now made visible on almost every hole. I feel a substance or something must be invented for cart paths that would not result in our drives, ricocheting 30 yards in addition.


  1. Honoring former golf pros as amateurs – I just don’t believe this. Around 600 to 1000 players apply for reinstatement every year, and not one of them succeeds to make way. However, it is a sheer injustice to find USGA honoring a former PGA tour winner in regaining his amateur status, who had earlier 12 top-10 finishes in total and also $1.2 M earnings in his career. Almost 36% of the players were regained as amateurs during 2012. Surprisingly, the USGA Senior Amateur is now a battlefield for former professionals. Out of 32 players, 15 of them won a first-round match in 2012. I guess it’s time for another set of tournaments for amateurs who have always remained as amateurs.


  1. Carts at walkable courses – I am truly clueless as to why a cart is required on walkable courses. As the golf shops claim today, this is done to speed up play. But trust me, this is a rare case. A worse scenario is that some courses do not allow carts off paths. Some courses do not have even have a 90-degree rule that results in longer rounds.


  1. Marshalls don’t do their jobs – Golf courses are not for driving and waving hands. The marshalls are sadly expert in this. If they want, they can easily skip a few holes or gear up speed to get the slow groups moving.


  1. Overwatering is so annoying – It’s a request to the greens keepers and architects to please let us take a bump and run shots or hole a putt. In other words, we badly need a ground game that will actually make our day.


  1. Slow play – I am so impressed with the way the Angel Park Golf Club is conducting programs for the golfers. Their program called Express Lane is doing an outstanding job of letting the swiftest players tee off first. This is indeed something that should be taken into consideration and followed by other courses as well.

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