Golf in the Cold is always Playable


Aug 02

Playing golf is fun and yet involves a good deal of challenge, especially when playing in unfavorable conditions. Being a golfer, you have to be prepared to face all sorts of challenges. You just cannot expect a warm weather every time you play on a course. With the right club and ball, you might feel confident in taking those astounding swings until a poor weather hits you badly. So, you need to train yourself in such a manner that you will be able to play good shots even in intensely cold weather. Therefore, it’s advisable to practice all throughout the year so that you come to know when to take what type of shots in bad weather.

Expert golfers are quite aware of the weather conditions and hence they take strategies accordingly. For this, you can always talk to an instructor or ask your friends if they had ever played golf in cold weather. Of course, you cannot play your first game in adverse conditions, or otherwise, you might lose the essence of playing the game in the first instance. So, take time, relax and first know what can bring obstructions to your playing sessions on the course.

Here are a few tips that would certainly be helpful in keeping you aware of the conditions to play golf in cold weather. Take a look:

  • Be sound and practical – The winter season, as you know, is a complete contrast to other seasons. This means that you must be prepared to watch your shots not going too far and not spinning too much in the cold. Just like you had stepped into the grounds last season with a set of strategies, this time it might not work out as it is plain and simple winter. In other words, you need to be mentally strong to see some disappointing shots, whereas you had hit them quite well.
  • Warm up your hands – The tricks, which you can show off on a golf course, are just with the help of your hands. It is therefore very important to ensure that your hands are warm enough to take the shots properly. If by any chances you come with frozen hands and try to grab a club, believe it or not, your shots are simply going to be worse you had ever imagined. Get a pair of gloves in such cases so that you can grip well and take shots with sheer convenience.
  • Protect your ears and head – As per reports, around 55% of the body heat is exhausted through your head. Therefore, it would be wiser to not discover the science behind it and rather take necessary precautions to protect your ears and head. This would ensure absolute comfort and you will be at ease to play your shots.
  • Consider playing with softer balls – Golf balls should always be those that can be compressed without any effort. So, bring on softer balls to play as that would make you play well in the cold. Avoid hard balls on such days and you will rather love hitting the softer ones.
  • Bring on multiple clubs – The club with which you played in summer does not necessarily ensure that it will let you play in the same manner in winter. So, bring at least two more clubs so that you can keep experimenting unless you find the right one pushing the balls right into the holes. As mentioned earlier, the balls will not reach much distance. So, it’s better for you to play with more than one club.
  • Go for the ground game – There might be severe cold out on the grounds where it might seem really difficult to play one shot after the other. In such cases, just take this advantage and go for the ground shots. Since the ball won’t spin, there is no use taking the flop shots. Remember, the greens will be much harder this time. So, the more you play ground shots, the better it is for your hands.
  • Take some drinks – Look for beverages and all such drinks that can help you stay warm and cozy in cold weather conditions. At this point of time, your body might be in want of nutrients. So, you can have some hot cocoa instead of coffee and stay absolutely hydrated throughout the game. The more hydrated you will be, the better it is.

So, the next time you are going to play in cold weather, keep these tips in mind and play accordingly.

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