Fairway Woods Reviews

  • Callaway Men's Big Bertha Fairway Woods
  • Price : $94.99
  • Description : We used the same forged face cup technology found in the hottest fairway woods in golf. And then add advanced full adjustability. Ultimate trajectory control and shot shaping ability.

  • TaylorMade Men's JetSpeed Golf Fairway Wood
  • Price : $29.99
  • Description : TaylorMade Mens JetSpeed FairwaysTaylorMade's Longest and Most Playable Fairway WoodsA- Ever! JetSpeed Fairway Woods feature TaylorMade's Speed Pocket technology.

  • Cobra Men's 3-4 W Bio Cell Fairway Wood
  • iOS / Price : $219.00
  • Description : Easily maximize your distance from the fairway, the rough, and even the tee with BiO Cell MyFly8 Technology.

  • Adams Golf Speedline Super S Fairway Golf Wood
  • Price : $19.98
  • Description : You're gonna have a tough decision after hitting the SUPER S Fairway Wood – "do I even need my driver?" That's what ridiculous distance and easy-to-hit performance will do to a golfer.

  • Cleveland Golf Men's 588 Fairway Wood
  • iOS / Price : $49.99
  • Description : All-Around Design Tour-proven profile has optimal face, sole and crown dimensions to promote a clean, confidence inspiring look from the turf or off the tee.

  • callaway x fairway woods
  • iOS / Price: $32.99
  • Description:The face of the X Hot is made of 455 Carpenter steel. This is harder than the typical 17-4 steel found in normal fairway woods. It is also lighter, allowing for a better weight distribution across the face and increased swing speed.

  • Callaway Great Big Bertha Fairway
  • Price: $122.20
  • Description: The ball speeds are high on center hits and off-center hits, and Callaway has put a bigger head and its Modern Warbird Sole on the club to make it easy to hit and more forgiving than past clubs.

  • Callaway Men’s XR 16 Fairway Wood
  • Price: $229.99
  • Description:The Callaway XR 16 Fairway Wood is now bigger, better, hotter, and more forgiving with a new Face Cup that leads to even more speed and distance. This Callaway men’s golf club has a bigger head shape, with a combination of high MOI, low center of gravity, and the highest COR in the fairway wood category.

  • Callaway S2H2 Fairway Wood
  • Price: $649.99
  • Description:These gorgeous metal woods provide greater distance without any loss of elevation and with less physical effort a remarkable combination.These gorgeous metal woods provide greater distance without any loss of elevation and with less physical effort – a remarkable combination.

  • Bullet Golf .444 Hi Loft Fairway Wood
  • Price: $41.18
  • Description:This problem has solved with the new Bullet .444 High Loft Utility Woods! These clubs not only look incredible, but just wait until you hit them! The crown of these stainless steel woods is thinner, putting most of the weight lower, which will help you get the ball up much easier with perfect flight.

  • TaylorMade Men’s M2 Fairway Wood
  • Price: $199.99
  • Description:Similar to the M2 driver, the multi-material carbon crown on the M2 fairway has created 5g of discretionary weight savings, allowing for an extremely low CG. The shallow head design delivers versatile playability from the tee and fairway. A new, fluted hosel design provides superior sound and feel without compromising distance.

  • Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood
  • Price: $49.99
  • Description:The Adams Tight Lies fairway wood features Cut-Thru Velocity Slot Technology in the sole which creates an ultra hot face for incredible ball speeds. The crown slot creates a high launch angle without increasing spin for increased carry.

  • TaylorMade Golf SLDR/JetSpeed Fairway Wood Headcover
  • Price: $19.95
  • Description:Designed for SLDR/Jetspeed Fairway Woods. Fits any Taylor Made fairway wood. Nice long neck for shaft protection, ez grab top to assist in removing cover.

  • Golf Fairway Wood Head Cover , Free Combination, Individualized
  • Price: $14.89
  • Description:Golf Fairway Wood Head Cover. Buyers can choose the style they like best then combine with the most favorite driver wood covers and hybrid covers in our amazon shop.

  • Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf Fairway Wood
  • Price: $58.70
  • Description:If you’ve never hit an offset driver (and are still fighting a wicked slice), you’re in for a surprise. If you’re familiar with the entire things you try do to correct the slice and still have had zero luck with a Fix, prepare to be wowed by the PGA offset driver.

  • Taylor Made R11S Fairway Wood Headcover Wht/Blk/Red Golf Club Cover NEW
  • Price: $13.50
  • Description:Taylor Made logo on top, R11S logo down the back, Taylor Made logo’s on the sides, easy on/off strap with ASP logo, nice long neck for shaft protection.

Golfers make utilization of most ideal fairway woods which is good enough to hit the ball fairway direct to the green.Some fairway woods can be used as a driver. In spite of the fact that the mixture golf clubs have turned into the most favored decision for most of golfers, the people who are faithful to wood clubs pick just fairway woods. These sorts of woods are awesome to be kept taken care of because of their capacity to rise the jumble noticeable all around calm. Besides, these the fairway-woods are much less demanding to hit over long iron. Which is the reason it is exceedingly prescribed for each golfer to have no less than 3 and alao 5 wood on their golf pack. If you decide to pick a diversion change fairway-wood just for the amusement, then you can get the best from the underneath recorded best fairway woods.

Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Fairway-Woods

best Golf Swing Analyzer This one is a dazzling improvement in innovation for accomplishing more playability and also separate, utilizing a manufactured hyper speed confront container for a good warbird sole and also ball speed which makes it easy to hit. To givethe most in separation with a Callaway fairway woods, fashioned hyper speed confront container is highlighted and intended for more noteworthy paces for making the ball achieve a more extended route on off-kilter and also on-focus hits. With regards to control and extreme play ability, and the head is greater than a run of the mill fairway-wood with that extra surface range gives more for higher absolution. An amazing Warbird sole plate is also added to make it simple for club to strike from a scope of lies with mid-propelling direction. The celestial nine alternatives and extraordinary paradise wood have a perfect blend and additionally stiffer scattering than what you acquire from your normal club arrangement. The awesome nine and heavenward could give you the reasonable gapping to your pack. By a method for optifit movability, it is conceivable to adjust the fairway in a way that you want to play with eight-way customizability. You can incorporate space, conform or take hang off the edge to suit your favorite swing. Shot forming capacity, extreme direction control, and so more ballspeed is what you will appreciate with this kind of fairway woods. A muchhearty, lighter and more slender Carpenter soak confront glass configuration will deliver more prominent ball speeds nearby the total face for much playability and steady separation. This is nice item, yet more particularly for a fairway . The progressed customizable hosel permits rise or plunge in the space level in single degree to upgrade the dispatch points furthermore reverse-pivot for expanded separation, more pardoning and favored direction from the fairway.


a. Produces required direction, not very low or high

b. Huge Bertha takes care of business effectively, offering adequate separation both from pleasant fairway stops and off from the tee

c. Blue complete is a remunerating change from black or gray


a. Not an extensive plane for general analyzers

b. Extra pardoning is normal

Taylor Made Men’s Jet Speed-Golf Fairway Wood

best Golf Swing Analyzer
JetSpeed and clubs join an astonishingly composed Speed bag, that is littler and light in weight and help the speeding up the clubface. The speed bags in JetSpeed ,fairway woods are loaded with the polymer so as to keep the trash out and also takeup the vibration without decreasing the speed for the club confront. The measure of weight that is spared by Speed Pocket model is equally conveyed inside the club set out toward moving the focal point of gravity ahead and also lower to the area where has been shown that Taylor Made is described to advance quick ball acceleration and low turn.

The Taylor Made Engineers made a face shallower while keeping up a similar speed. The JetSpeed 3 wood’s face is more shallower, this has conveyed the focal point of gravity to bring down about the focal point of its face, and this have made it less demanding for propelling on the high edge. This provides a stealthy and smooth look to the Jet Speed fairways. the JetSpeed fairway’s woods and also clubs are understood to offer a mind-blowing blend of simplicity of dispatch and separation. They are really longest and profoundly playable fairway woods made by Taylor Made. metals wood club appearances of JetSpeed is designed with top notch steel compound which improves the speed of the club face and its best execution fairway woods for golf drivers ever. The fairway of Jetspeed are furnished with the Matrix-Velvox T-69 shaft that is heavier over those pole utilized as a part of past models. This extra weight encourages better adjustment over club amid the swinging. This could help players to accomplish a strong contact and an immaculate swing way, which thus advances expanded precision and separation. You can discover the Jetspeed Fairway-Wood accessible in matte dark complete with representation which is proposed for helping in the arrangement. By and large, this fairway-wood is tastefully amazing.


a. Diminished turn rate to accomplish more noteworthy separation

b. Lighter Speed Pocket

c. Adaptable

d. More exact than a driver

e. Lightweight and sturdy


a. Not flexible

b. Nonappearance of appropriate point check

Cobra Men’s 3-4 W BioCell Fairway Wood

best Golf Swing Analyzer
The Cobra Men’s bio-cell fairway wood immediate after effect of associations between cobra’s visit staff and also their R and D with the point of building up a more customary and minimal shape over that of normal bio-cell. So the bio fairway have an incredibly minimal impression and also the shallower confront that are planned to make for a golf club, that is playable from deck and also the tee. For whatever length of time that feel is regarded, biocell fairway is the cleanest general bundles accessible out in a fairway of a player. Accessible in a scope of hues, the minimized size of the club is the key here with particular hues. The crown is highlighted just with a cobra logo like the light and the arrangement help shadowed biocell paint conspire at the back half bit of the head. The paint normally demonstrates the correct size and state of what is happening inside the head having a utilization of those cells on the total club outline.

In bio cell+ fairway, you can locate an entire level of space movability because of the utilization of cobra’s keen cushion innovation and another myfly8 connector. This connector takes into consideration u diverse space choices in both 5-7w and 3-4w
including 3 draw settings. With regards to a driver, the end of blur settings was because of criticism got by Cobra from various fitters. In spite of the fact that the vibe/sound is totally the more subjective, some thought attributes have been included by bio cell+ here. The steel confronts embed, and littler size is what that sparkles, however, while the head includes a sharp and a short metal tink at the strike . The sound however not by any methods empty and subsequently there is no resounding, which prompts to unusually loud stable. Besides, the ball feels just as it bounced away from the face independent of where close by the littler surface zone the strike is made.


a. Movable Hosel enhances your choices

b. Separate scope is positively more than normal

c. Bio cell woods are light and simple and agreeable to swing


a. Hard swings prompt to low and kill draws

b. Dumped-down remark is practically not accessible for some folks

c. Uproarious illustrations seem, by all accounts, to be a procured taste

The Adams Golf Speedline Powerful S Fairway Golf Wood

best Golf Swing Analyzer
Speed line Fairway Wood from Adam is known to be a nice fairway wood in a crossbreed style, and this may be felt on their smooth look. The club head is said to have a stunning profile from up and from side to look to a great degree streamlined. The real target of this plan is to offers the fairway an upgraded chamber opposite front to back over the sole. Every one of these perspectives permits Super S to crawl through the grass. Regardless of the possibility that you strike it from various sorts of untruths, you will make the most of its exhibitions. A standout amongst the most awesome elements of this fairway wood is the spaces found in it’s crown and sole of a club head. Space does not experience the head totally and is incorporated quite recently to expand the dispatch edge without expanding the quantity of twists. PVC material is utilized for filling the opening in the sole to build the ball’s speed for more separation. Both the openings of this fairway are joined to offers the unit a higher entering flight. Another detectable thing is the strength of the clubhead felt amid the strike, which brings about pardoning and a flawless sound as well. Like other SuperS woods, this fairway wood includes light weight and gentler shafts. In case you use a firm shaft, it provides a superior flight. Thus you should decide on the superbly fitted space and shaft in the correct mix. The sole of the Adam fairway wood have a dark complete that is brushed on clubface so to render a decent quality appearance to the club. If you took its level of execution and propelled innovation utilized as a part of club head into the record, you will understand that it is moderately evaluated than other fairway woods accessible in the market.


a. Reasonable cost

b. Lightweight

c. Simpler to swing and also hit

d. Cut through space

e. Excellent look and also feel with matte of white wrap up

f. Better arrangement


a. A tiny bit troublesome for the apprentice to get used to the hardware

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Fairway Wood

best Golf Swing Analyzer
Cleveland has turned out with a new outline that components some innovation, which they feel may make fairway , the greatest one which they have ever constructed. The Cleveland-Golf 588 fairway wood consolidates pardoning and control in a flexible plan. An extraordinary visit demonstrated profile conveys ideal face or crown, and also sole measurements to advance a certainty moving, tidy look from up the tee. The innovation of enhanced variable face thickness creates most extreme separation on more noteworthy pardoning and focus strikes on off-kilter hits. Highlighted with sole back fitting, more propelled divider fabricated empowers more weight to be included low at the club set out toward enhanced dispatch. A premium outlined shaft is expected for mid-high dispatch, offer an inside and out mix of steadiness and speed with strong feel at the drive.

It appears as though there are just a couple of primary clubmakers out there whoever make fundamental dark clubs. Cleveland has kept up great styling all through the prior time, and the new 588 fairway kinds of wood are nothing extraordinary. The crown is smooth dark without arrangement helps that has changed into a medium size silverface. If you flip such club to view the sole, there could be a very measure of stick striping over the edges Furthermore few shrewd carbon fiber emphasizes. The shape is expected to be certainty moving paying little respect to the shot. For all golfers who incline toward a pear shape, that won’t be the club for them on appearance. Nonetheless, it doesn’t seem like a small drive by a few means. On account of the execution, it is invigorating to have the capacity to pick a three wood and also go striking on long ways furthermore ready to just level out striking the shot. The execution is direct and pleasant, and you could hit shots just.


a. Dispatches ball with very little exertion and slices easily through the unpleasant

b. Gifted players can raise shots with no hell

c. Remove length is steady

d. Essential setup has a decent look at the back of the ball.


a. The greater part f the specialists misses perceptible separation comparative to other tests.

b. Draw predispos tion not viable for hard swingers

Ideas When Selecting Top Fairway Woods Ever

If you have wanted to pick fairway woods, then you ought to be exceptionally watchful in picking the correct one. Truth be told, grabbing the fairway woods is like buying another auto. With a few sorts of shafts, lofts, and head sizes accessible today, it can be an overwhelming undertaking to pick the best-appraised fairway woods for your golfing needs. There are factors to be considered while picking fairway woods.

• Tee: If you have utilized fairway woods, then you ought to get the one with a greater number of lofts than drivers all things considered pixie woods are much less demanding to hit precisely. A three wood on the correct hand effortlessly goes quite far, and the additional space guarantees all the more sympathetic and is less demanding to hit too.
• The distance Or Great Shots: When it comes to utilizing fairway wood all the more, then you ought to choose whether you are utilizing it quite recently to hit the ball for separation or to place shots into the greens. On the off chance that you need the fairway wood for the last reason, then picking more than one fairway woods with more lofts will be better. This aide in landing and ceasing snappier.
• Head: If you need to hit some quality shots, you can’t finish them with a driver or a long iron. In this way, settling on the fairway wood would be the correct decision. On the off chance that, you are hoping to utilize the club dominatingly; then you have to search for the one with the shallow head. Still, you can utilize the fairway from the tee, yet the head having a lower profile is ideal decision to hit from more tightly lies of the fairway. Fairways with bigger heads guarantee all the more sympathetic and
strike the ball higher by making reverse-pivots.
• Golf course: It is additionally essential to offer thought to the golfer courses you are playing. Offering thought to the separation expected to reach is likewise advantageous. Get the mix of club and also lofts to address the issues. A fairway with the 19 degree voyages higher and more separation than what half and half secure it at a similar degree.
• Adjustability: This component is quite recently mainstream just if there should arise an occurrence of drivers, however now the producers have begun to offer customizability in the fairway woods too. This is incorporated to give the players the capacity to alter the club to fit their conditions and swing.
• Loft: The players can change the space of fairway with movable hosel. These high space fairway woods alterations can be done by expelling the screw, associating the pole and supplanting it in the pre-decided setting. Along these lines, you can without much of a stretch increment or lessening the space by 4 to 5 degrees.
• Materials: The fairway woods accessible in the market contain head produced using diverse sorts of materials, for example, steel, titanium, and soon. Steels are also known to offer a solid and additionally sympathetic component to the club. The titanium that is lightweight in nature makes it a gainful choice for fairway woods. On the off chance that you offer thought to every one of these elements, you can undoubtedly pick the correct fairway woods.

Advantages of Ideal Fairway Woods While in the Game

Fairway woods has been delivered after a grand scope of innovative work that clearly turns out to be a flawless club for many golfers. They can utilize fairway for any reason they need, whether they require more stature on shots or a club to supplant 3 irons set or the club to be utilized off a tee, or they need a club so to get hit from unpleasant. Each of these objects is made by fairway and on the off chance that you are sufficiently cunning to pick the best wood, you can ready to acquire profits by a fairway wood. Look at the wonderful formal of fairway that comes more adaptable for golfers,

Though not as well known as in drivers, a couple of makers now offers movability in fairway to empower players the potential to modify the club to suit their expectation and swing.

Containing much space than drivers, it is less demanding for fairway to hit furthermore more exact. Now and again, a 3 wood in the accomplished hands can travel effectively as far, and also the extra space makes it less demanding and excusing to hit fairway.

Adams acceleration line-The augmented back corners of fairway wood’s boxer shape are intended to settle the execution on the topsy-turvy hits. The shallow-confront joins the low focus of a half breed’s focal point of gravity.

Exotics XCG-V visit The multi-material head included by the weightless magnesium crown, extensive steel single plate, and also the titanium glass confront as the first XCG-V; in any case, it has a greater face.

Callaway Diabolo-There is two distinct variants. The N unbiased is highlighted with a shallow face according to the visit input, while D (drive) is very taller and includes a draw-inclination confront point.

Nikes SQ Dymo-Designed to defeat the turf collaboration issues of greater headed for fairway woods; the calculated sole is intended to limit surface contact.

Titleist 909F2/F3-Two alternatives are made to suit 2 ball shoot. The head formed visit roused F3 creates a lessened flight. F2, and having a shallower and a more extensive face, has higher lofts and also a lower CG to induce the ball higher.

Taylor Make R9-The hosel plan that is customizable elements 8 settings that alter the face edge, space, and lie. Ball-flight alternatives contrast amongst impartial and somewhat higher, attract predisposition to a bit lower, blur inclination. Material advantages of fairway woods

Steel-more of fairway woods accessible in the market accompanies a take worked off of steel because the head is not should have been as large as a driver. Steel gives a generous, solid component to the club and also, this modest metal can be made effectively for the littler head.

Titanium-Comparatively vanquished by steel here; this metal may be utilized as a part of a large portion of the fairway woods. Titanium has a fundamental lightweight make that makes it a convenient face for the fairway metals.

Composite-many of composite fairway woods are accessible in the shops. Light model like carbon are utilized on the their crown or at the back of clubhead empowering the producers to lessen the heaviness of setting out toward border weighting.


When you are are starting as a golfer, you ought to be exceptionally watchful in grabbing the correct woods for your game. It is constantly better to pick the one that is valued reasonably. You can even counsel with the experts and have golf clubs built splendidly for you. If you are spending plan disapproved, go for the ones that are valued moderately. You can purchase fairway woods from online shops from any of the main brands. Check the audit, components, and details of these clubs as they can give you a thought regardless of whether that particular item is an ideal decision for you or not. You can execute the tips offered above to pick the correct fairway woods only for you as a golfer. A fairway wood assumes a critical part in deciding your strike. To make idealize hits, pick the ideal fairway for you.