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Jul 05

A myth that usually stops amateurs from taking golf as an enjoyable sport is that it is only for the elite class. Even if it is true, golf has spread its essence all over the world and is getting more and more popular with time. Although it looks simple with a club and a ball, it is far beyond just hitting shots by aiming for the hole. Beginners, therefore, come up with a lot of questions with a perplexed mind as to how it can be mastered. In this process, they lose the essence of the game; they fail to enjoy the sport that actually matters a lot towards getting high scores.

Golf is a Game to be Enjoyed

Let’s face the reality. Golf for newbies can indeed be intimidating, especially when they will be waiting with their respective clubs with the determination to outscore their opponents and of course grab the attention of spectators. When the other player would be busy gathering high scores, a beginner might be led to think as to how it would be possible to match up to his/her reputation. In other words, he might be subject to either nervous breakdown or anxiety that would ruin the game in seconds. So, what’s the missing factor in him? It’s nothing but the spirit to enjoy the game. So, a beginner while being trained must initially be taught to take golf as enjoyment. Unless he/she learns to take pleasure of the game, success will always tend to exit doors.

Golf Builds Concentration

Interestingly, golf is a game that helps an individual develop his/her concentration level. Now, how can a beginner make this possible if he/she is already in a state of restlessness? Unless you enjoy playing a game, you will never have the love and passion for mastering it. Moreover, it is such a sport that takes your confidence level to heights, and a person who loves golf and is confident about the game will never have mental blocks to win it on a course.

So here are a few tips for all those who are ready to fall in love with the game of golf. Have a look:

  • Go for proper lessons – Confidence is good, but when it comes to overconfidence, golfing will not be your cup of tea. Being a beginner, it’s always advisable to take instructions from experts or follow a book on the basics of golf. Believe it or not, this will help you in the long-run.


  • Pay heed to putting – Who can’t take hard hits? Who can’t go for long shorts? The point is that your technique needs to be correct. So what must concentrate right from scratch is putting. As a matter of fact, putting plays a key role in bettering your strokes in a round. So practice putting as much as possible.


  • Know how to grip – While taking shots, a common blunder what golfers make is that they grip their clubs wrongly. So, it is an expert who can teach you how to grip your club in the right manner. Surprisingly, some golfers take months to learn the right gripping technique. So ignoring the right way to grip your club will be a big loss for you.


  • Don’t bother about other golfers – It might always happen that your opponents are playing so well that you start losing confidence to outshine them. In order to avoid this, simply concentrate on your own game. While they are busy playing, you will keep recalling your training lessons and all such tactics taught by your instructor. Ignore is the actual word you must apply against your opponents.


  • Be sober on the course – Golfers are known for their etiquette. You must when to talk with whom and how. The best way to master it is to be with someone on the course where you can listen to the conversations initiated by him during a game. Instead of creating a fuss, a golfer must always concentrate on his game. The calmer he is, the higher the chances of winning.


  • Invest on second-hand balls – Beginners should not spend much on real golf balls, which are really expensive. Alternatively, you can always hire it from someone who has played with it earlier. If it still costs you, go for the second-hand balls. You can practice with them for hours and nothing will affect your pocket.


So, love the game as much as possible and yes, know your club well. Once you ensure these, no one can stop you from being a dedicated golfer.

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