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Dec 28
Callaway Org 15
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The bag has all features which a serious golfer will need. It has enough storage for all your gear. The bag has 15 full-length dividers to make it easy for you to organize clubs and other golf gear. The top is 11 inches wide to allow easy access to your gear when playing your favorite game. It has three molded handles which make carrying the bag very comfortable.

Features of Callaway org golf bag

  • 11-inch 15 Way Top:The top has 11 inches width with 11 dividers which make it very convenient to store different items in your golf tournament. You will enjoy easy retrieval of clubs when on the green golf course.
  • Handles:The three molded handles allow several people to carry it. You can easily place it in your car trunk and drive to different golf courses. The handles make carrying the bag very easy for you
  • Pockets: It has a total of 15 forward facing pockets for you to access different items when out playing golf easily. The bag has two full-length pockets where you can carry apparel. There are also special pockets such as an oversize pocket to carry a ball and thermal lined pockets cooler. best Golf Swing Analyzer
  • Additional Storage: The bag incorporates technology in the field course. It has GPS rangefinder pouch and a fleece lined pouch where you can carry valuables. Other features include umbrella sleeve and rings to allow you carry a rain hood and towel.
  • Strap: The Callaway Org 15 has a single padded strap making it robust enough to hold everything in place. The strap is very durable for you to enjoy many years of service before you can think of a replacement.
  • Weight: The bag is only six pounds when empty. It makes it easy for you to carry it around. The materials used in making the bag are very durable. If you are looking for a bag which will serve you for an extended period, then you need to think of buying Callaway Org 15 golf bag.

Pros OF Callaway Org 15

  • Aesthetically appealing golf bag:If you are a golfer who will like to walk with a good looking bag, then this is the right kit for you to order. It has a great looking design to make you achieve the great look as a professional or just a great lover of golf.
  • Different sizes of pockets:You can always opt for conventional methods of improving the swing, if you want better and quicker results, you will have to use a golf swing analyzer. best Golf Swing AnalyzerThe graphics that are thrown by the analyzers are highly If you want to improve your game of golf, you will have to focus on improving the swing. While professional and easy to understand.If you are a beginner, this device will help you improve your game in a matter of few Golf Swing Analyzer
  • Fair price: It is necessary for you to buy a bag which will assure you value for your money. After taking into consideration the many features the bag comes with, you will discover it is the best golf bag you can buy and enjoy value for your money.
  • Callaway Org 15 is very light: When pushing or carrying the bag on a cart, you will find it very light. It allows you to conserve your energy and use it to play your favorite game. Although it is lightweight, the bag is made out of light and durable materials which will assure you extended services.

Cons of Callaway Org 15

  • Allows club grips jamming:Occasionally the club grips can get jammed up. It is due to the design of the 15 sections. They are no full dividers hence allows the jamming of your clubs.
  • It is a little wobbly:The bag is a bit wobbly, but it will stabilize after it has been fully loaded. It has a bigger base and frame which does not flex fully.

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