Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder

Golf Rangefinder Review

Oct 06
Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Rangefinder
Looks & Feel
Ease of Use


This new brand of rangefinders is getting more and more popular because of its vibrating feature. They have decided to blend the PinSeeker tech with the JOLT tech. What you get with this is the laser that this device uses, scans the target and when it locks the target, bursts of vibration is set to inform you of the upcoming target when it is triggered.

It is a single hand vertical operation that fits just right into your hand, or your bag if you prefer it that way. It has 5x magnification with 24mm objective which makes it very sharp and precise rangefinder. Its range-finding performance consists of about 10 to 1000 yards with the 300 yards to flag with one yard of accuracy. There is no doubt that you will find a more accurate golf rangefinder than this one.

When it is in ’scan mode’ it continuously updates LCD as one pans across the landscape. What makes this rangefinder pop out of the rest is the fact that it is legal for tournament play. Not all range finders are legal for tournament play, but with this one, there is no need to worry.


- Affordable price.

- 10 – 1000 yards range finding performance with 300 yards to flag + 1 yard of accuracy.

- PinSeeker Tech combined with JOLT Vibration that activates when PinSeeker is triggered

- Legal for tournament play.

- Easy to grip design.


- 5x magnification.

- JOLT tech is not a separate feature.

- Water resistant, not waterproof.

Rangefinder Case 

It is the average size of its class, and its ergonomic design makes it perfect to fit in hand. The weight of this gadget was tested to be 7.4 ounces, and with the carrying case, it weighs 10.4 ounces which are still not heavy to handle or carry. Its carrying case is not solid, but it is firm which is enough to provide protection for this gadget.

The case has a net on the side which has the function to prevent the gadget from falling out. Once the device is taken out of the case, it can be easily put back in, as it slides in and out. The case can be attached to anything, which is a great advantage and it comes with a dust cloth for wiping the lens.

Bushnell Tour V3 Review

One Button 

One could easily find only one button on this rangefinder that is both the power button and the laser button, and it is located on top of the device. This button adjusts the settings as well, and it can turn the vibration on and off.


The Bushnell keeps true to their color scheme which are usually black accents and rubber grip areas. It often comes in white, but it can be in other color patterns as well, depending on the taste.


Because this rangefinder is a laser rangefinder, it usually goes trough a speed test, and this one, in particular, has proven to be the fastest when locked onto multiple targets. The PinSeeker is always on so it is no wonder that we could get distance readings.

Easy Locking The Target 

This rangefinder does wonders when it has to perform the locking onto a target. At incredible 185 yards, it was able to lock onto targets and give vibrations, warning about all the things that are in the way.

The device may struggle to lock when the background is difficult to read and when you press it to lock more out of range, it won’t give good readings. But other than that, if one does everything within range, the device will work fine.

easy target locking

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