Best Golf Travel Bags Reviews

What is the best golf travel bag? Well in this issue we will look at a few factors that you should consider when looking to buy those golf travel cases.

Buying Guide

Hard/soft variety – Golf travel cases can be divided into hard,soft or hybrid.  The hard variety provide great protection for your golf clubs as they are made of resin/fiberglass materials. However they can be expensive, are heavy to carry around and take up a lot of space. The soft variety does not give as much protection as the former, but it makes up for that with it’s lower prices. They are lighter and so easy to carry around with. You can fit in other golf accessories into it as well due to the expandable quality of it’s soft materials.

What Is The Size  – For those golfers who often use a 48-inch driver, you would want a larger size golf travel bag to fit such a type of golf club in. So before you leap for joy and purchase a ‘best buy’ golf bag, check carefully for the specifications that the travel bag can fit for your golf club collections. The last thing you want is to bend your golf club trying to fit it in or have it half-exposed to the weather.

Type of Lock – When look at golf travel cases, if yours has a lock feature it is a plus point. If you invest in an expensive set of golf clubs, you would do well to invest in a golf travel bag that comes with locks. Many golfers have regretted when they did not consider this factor and have their golf clubs stolen from their cheap zipper travel bag! So take heed and look out for the lock feature in your golf travel bag.

Does It Have Handles – You should consider golf travel bags which have more than one type of handle. Why? Well it comes in handy when you are tired of carrying it around and decide to push it around. Different handles will help to avoid overusing the same muscles as you switch different ways of carrying it.

Does It Have Wheels- Yes it may seem trivial, but you definitely want to take this into account as it makes your entire golf game more enjoyable (not to mention less tiring). The great thing about golf travel cases that has wheels is that you can push it around the golf course leisurely when you are tired.

We have highlighted the factors that makes a good golf travel bag. Next time when someone asks you which are the best golf travel bags, impress them with your knowledge here!

So there  you are, the different kinds of golf club travel bags available on the market. I hope this helps you in picking and choosing the right golf bag for you.

Picking The Right Golf Club Travel Cases

Excited about your upcoming golf trip with your buddies? Regardless of where you are going, you need something trusty to protect your most valuable investment – your golf clubs. So that means you are going to have to pick and choose from a variety of golf club travel cases.

Although there are many brands of golf cases, you can actually just break them down into three kinds. There is the multi-purpose, hard-sided & soft-sided travel case. Now hold on, I know what you are going to ask….how do I know which is best for me? Now I don’t have a standard answer for you, because it really depends on your needs. What I will do is break down the strengths and draw-backs for each of these 3 golf club travel cases.

Multi-purpose golf travel cases are a hybrid of the soft-side & hard-side travel cases. The soft part is at the bottom part of the bag while the hard-side is by the side, where you can attach it to protect your golf clubs. They are best for when you are sitting on a golf cart. Why? Because it is heavy! Now the strength of this kind of case is that you don’t have to store it elsewhere and bring your entire golf club collection along. The negative is that if the bag is exposed, it can be easily hit or knocked around. If you play a lot, then these are the type of golf club travel cases you should be getting.

Soft sided golf travel cases are made of materials like canvas/nylon and so obviously it’s going to be much lighter as compared to the other 2 types of cases. As such, they tend to be cheaper as well. So if you are the economic kind and like to move around a lot with your golf club travel case, then definitely you would want to consider this one. But (you knew that was coming didn’t you?) at the same time, it can be more vulnerable to damage since it is made of only soft-type materials. You really have to gauge how important your golf clubs are and whether they need to be adequately protected. If you are the kind who is accident-prone you might want to consider this factor.

Hard sided golf travel cases are made of harder materials like resin/fiberglass. So the strength of these golf bags would be it’s protection from the weather and damage. It offers the most protection among the 3 types of golf club travel cases we’ve discussed so far. The drawback to this however, is it takes up more space then the other 2 travel cases. Also, due to it’s hard surface, it has a tendency to crack when being thrown around (like in airports where the handlers handle your luggage roughly- trust me I’ve seen it more than once).

In summary, besides looking at the brand of the golf club travel cases, you really want to look at how your travel case will fit into your needs (and being able to fit in your other golf accessories) That is the most important factor. I hope this helps you in choosing the right kind of golf travel cases.

Hard Case Golf Travel Case

If you are considering whether to buy a hard case golf bag, then read on. I will list out some of the features and strengths of such a kind of travel case and after that talk about it’s negatives. Then from there you can draw your own conclusion if getting it is the right choice for you.

Hard-side golf travel cases excel in the area of protection. Due to it’s denser and harder materials used, they can withstand a lot of punishment from both people and objects. If you do a lot of air-travel, they can offer great peace of mind that your golf-clubs are adequately protected. At the golf course, they can be attached to golf carts or by itself act as a stand-alone to hold your golf clubs. So this is a really plus point. It also makes sense long-term if you invest in these kind of golf travel cases as it can last you for many years to come. Wear & tear is the enemy here.

Now, the negatives to a hard case golf travel case are a few as well. It is obviously expensive. Some brands can cost you up to $400 or more. If you want to save money or are the budget conscious, then you might want to reconsider buying these kind of travel cases. Another thing about it is usually such type of hard-side golf travel cases don’t have much room as compared to other types. You will not have much space to put your other golf accessories. That means you have to get a separate bag for this. It’s denser materials also means it is heavier and takes up more space in the car trunk.

In summary, the positives of a hard-side golf travel case is it’s strong protection and durability. The downside of it though is it’s price, lack of room and weight. I hope this helps you to decide whether to buy these type of golf travel cases. Of course it always depends on your individual needs. Some people are suited to buy a hard case golf travel case while some might not.