The Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews 2017

Top Best Golf Swing Analyzer 2017

  • SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Club shaft
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES Clubhead Speed, Putt Tempo, Face angle, Loft-Path direction, Rise angle, Shaft angle, Shaft lean, Putt lenth, Shaft direction

  • Epson M-Tracer Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Club
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES Epson’s Core Sensing Technology, Instant Results, 360 Degrees and 3D Swing Path, Critical Checkpoints, Speed and Distance, Swing Comparison, Key Swing Metrics, Bluetooth

  • Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Golf Glove
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES 3D Swing, Clubhead Speed, Putt Tempo, Swing Plane, Backswing Position, Video Pro Swing, Video Compare to Pros, Personalized Traning report

  • Zepp Golf 2 3D
  • Attachment: Glove
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES 3D Swing Analysis, Instant Evaluations, Smart Coach, Replay and Review in 360 Degree from any Angle, Record Your Swing, Bluetooth LE, Additional High-Speed Gyro

  • Blast Motion 3D
  • iOS / Android Attachment: Putter or driver
  • SWING ANALYSIS FEATURES Bluetooth Smart Technology, 3D Motion Metrics Synchronization, Adaptive Slow-mo Technology, Putting Metrics Capturing, Full Swing Metrics Capturing, Smart Video Capture

  • SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer with Voice Feedback
  • Price: $142.98
  • Description: SwingTalk is unlike any other swing analyzer products. Voice feedback function gives you seamless swing practice experiences. It gives you instant tempo and speed feedback with real-time voice alarm so you don’t need to stop and see smartphone display.

  • GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Price: $99.99
  • Description:This type of innovation is simply a system that helps you evaluate and enhance your golf swing. It mainly comprises of a wearable motion sensor along with seamless mobile application.

  • Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer
  • Price: $69.99
  • Description:The rechargeable Zepp Baseball and Softball Swing Analyzer is a tiny sensor that attaches to any baseball or softball bat to capture, measure and analyze your swing. Recording 1,000 data points per second, it sends the data to your iPhone, iPad, Galaxy or other Android device so you can replay and review your swing in 360 degrees.

  • 3Bays GSA- Zone Swing Analyzer
  • Price: $189.05
  • Description:The 3Bay Zone is the ultimate swing analyzer. All you have to do is stick the GSA into the club of your choices and turn on the GSA app. Features:- Shows angle of shaft when you strike the ball – Illustrates the difference between your release point and optimal point – Syncs with Iphones.

  • Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device
  • Price: $132.40
  • Description:The second version of the most trusted mobile swing analyzer in golf is finally here! Swingbyte 2 puts answers to a better golf game on your mobile device. Immediately after a swing, the Swingbyte 2 app displays an interactive 3D visual of your swing along with key data..

  • SwingTIP Golf Swing Analysis & Coaching System
  • Price: $122.68
  • Description:The SwingTIP Bluetooth Golf Swing Analyzer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their golf swing and game. While it is great for use to analyze your own swing it can also greatly enhance your learning curve and experience when used along with a coach.

  • Noitom MySwing Golf Swing Analyzer for iPhone/Android
  • Price: $90.00
  • Description:Noitom MySwing Basic W/Wireless LCD Receiver Golf Swing Analyzer.mySwing Basic consists of an inertial sensor module and a wireless LCD receiver.mySwin is a portable golf swing analyzer.

  • Heavy Duty Playground Trapeze Bar with Rings Extra Long 38 Inch Chain Swing Set
  • Price: $28.95
  • Description:Heavy duty trapeze bar/rings combo with extra long 38″ chain that adjusts to fit every child. Perfect addition or replacement part for your family swing set.

  • T2G Golf Swing Training Aid
  • Price: $22.95
  • Description:Every golfer knows how important a good set of golf clubs is to their on private golfing lessons and golf training aidsEvery golfer knows how important a good set of golf clubs is to their … on private golfing lessons and golf training aids.

  • Blast Baseball 360 Swing Analyzer
  • Price: $149.95
  • Description:Blast’s patented Smart video capture technology automatically analyzes and clips your video to create a Series of video highlights synced with your metrics, allowing you or your coach to visually Identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Blast Baseball will help you become a stronger, more efficient, and overall better hitter.

  • Golf Swing Analyzer(Trainer) & Golf Practice
  • Price: $360.00
  • Description: Connect this machine to a tv or monitor to enjoy the screen game. Play in both home and private offices we ship new products shipped directly from the factory. Wepleted the product inspection thoroughly.

One of the best ways to enhance your game of golf is by taking lessons on golf swings. Getting a low score is what every golfer aspires for and for that there are several golf hints available. However, the fact remains that by playing general golf, one would not be able to take their game to the next level. To get the desired insights for developing your game, you will have to depend on the golf swing analyzer reviews. This article will take you through a quick tour of swing analyzers that will help you improve your game further.

Reasons to use golf swing analyzer

best Golf Swing AnalyzerYou can always opt for conventional methods of improving the swing, if you want better and quicker results, you will have to use a golf swing analyzer. The graphics that are thrown by the analyzers are highly If you want to improve your game of golf, you will have to focus on improving the swing. While professional and easy to understand.If you are a beginner, this device will help you improve your game in a matter of few weeks.

What to consider while buying golf swing analyzer?

best Golf Swing AnalyzerLike other fields of sport, technology has blessed the game of golf as well. You get important game related information right on your Smartphone these days. This information includes golf swing, club head speed, and club rotation just to name a few. You would also be able to compare your swing with that of a PGA tour professional with the help of a swing analyzer. To enjoy the great benefits of a swing analyzer, you will have to ensure that you get the best of the available lot in the market. The important things that need to be considered while buying a swing analyzer are mentioned below.


Each swing analyzer is attached to a different place on the on the club or the gloves. You would need to choose the one which gets attached at a place so that it does not interfere with your game. The most common attachment places of the analyzers are the shaft or butt of the club. Some analyzers get attached to the glove as well.


To analyze your swing, you will need a lot of data from your swing analyzer. Thus, you got to check how much data in which format is being delivered by the analyzer. A data in too complex form may not prove to be very helpful to an average golfer. You need to choose an analyzer which would generate data in interpretable formats so that you can understand what the data is trying to point out in your game.


best Golf Swing AnalyzerYou cannot ignore this very important factor. You will get golf analyzers of the different price range in the market. In your effort to play like a pro, you would definitely not want to burn a hole in your pocket; hence, the price tag is an important thing that needs to be checked while buying swing analyzers for improving the game of golf.

Ease of use 

The worth of a swing analyzer lies in the fact that how easily the user is able to use it. If there are many control buttons, the user would find it rather complicated to use and would not be able to utilize all the features of the analyzer properly. On the other hand, a simple to use plug and play analyzer would let the user concentrate more on his game and not on the controls of his swing analyzer.

Tracking of records

best Golf Swing AnalyzerTempo, speed, swing path, and face angle at impact are some of the important data points that need to be tracked by the analyzers. You need to understand that the more variety of data related to your game would get captured by the wing analyzer, the better it will be able to help you in improving your game.


You will certainly not want to miss out on the technical and dimensional specifications of the analyzer. Perceived accuracy, shape, size and brand of the analyzers is something that needs to be checked before being bought.

IOS/Android compatibility

The analyzer should be compatible with both android and iOS devices. That will ensure that even if you switch your phone, you will not be required to re-invest on the analyzer.

Customer feedback

best Golf Swing AnalyzerThe most and vital thing to check about swing analyzers is what their customers have to say about the product. There is nothing that matches the firsthand feedback of users who have used the product previously.

Conventional Steps to improve your golf swing

1. You will have to begin by knowing your strengths. Only when you know that you are good at hitting the ball 350 yards or got a wonderful angle, which is when you would be learning about your opportunities.

2. Practice makes a man perfect! Unless you are John Daly, you would need to practice your game every day and if possible under every weather condition. Playing in different weather conditions will help your game get acclimatized well to play in that type of weather.

3. Do not ignore the back swings. Use your arms to develop the force that is required for the back swings. Do not attempt to create the force with your hands, as that is the most common mistake that any newbie would commit.

best Golf Swing Analyzer4.While practicing your down swing, you should be pulling your left arm while it is coming down from the top. You need to remember that a back swing requires a fine motion, but a down swing needs precision and force.

5. If possible, arrange for a professional trainer, who would train you on the technicalities of the game of golf. Golf guides like Tac Tic can also be used which will let you know if your grasp or swing aren’t the way they should be.

6. A successful sweep is a difficult task to achieve. After finishing with the excellent swing, your right foot would be up with the right knee facing the goal. Your hands should be above the left ear and the spikes of your shoes should be visible. If all these things happen just the way they are mentioned, you would be able to carry out a successful sweep.

Outstanding method to improve the swing

Even after trying all the lessons and tips to improve your golf swing, if you fail to do so and start to feel demotivated, it is probably the time to switch to a swing analyzer. This device, with the use of the advanced software, will highlight the areas where you went wrong while trying to get the dream swing. All you have to do is capture the video of your golf swing and the intelligence of the smart software will figure out your strengths and weaknesses easily.

With the support of a good quality golf swing analyzer, you would be able to improve your swing manifolds without having to pay for the professional trainer or investing on an expensive learning kit. It allows you to improve your game by making you aware of the areas where you were going wrong while playing the game of golf. If you want to hit that dream swing, it is wise to invest on a swing analyzer.

best Golf Swing AnalyzerA practice without any inputs hardly helps in improving one’s game. If you do not know what is going wrong with your game, you would never be able to improve on the weak areas. You get to learn more about golf swings once you sign up for a golf swing lesson from a professional and experienced golf trainer. If you need to seek support from any such professional golf trainer, you will get it from PGA or Professional Golfers Association of America. The trainers from PGA have undergone required certifications and are well-versed about every aspect of the game of golf. In addition to their already earned knowledge, these trainers are required to undergo regular knowledge enhancement programs to sustain their certification.

Usually, a golf session with a professional teacher takes place in driving range of at a golf course. While many trainers still depend on the one-on-one feedback mechanism, quite a few of the trainers are implementing technology to train their students with the use of videos and computer programs. It is not only the technical facets of the game, but a professional golf trainer would also help in instilling the attitude that is required to play the glorious game of golf.

You can get hold of a good trainer from the yellow pages services or by contacting the PGA officials, who would be able to help you with qualified trainers. The charges for these training programs are usually somewhat hefty, with $50 to $100 per hour. If you choose bundled lessons, the charges will be minimally less. If you do not want any of these, you can get yourself a golf swing analyzer and that will help you improve your game manifolds. It will compute the trajectory of the ball along with the swing from the video and will let you know about your shortcomings if any.

Here are our 5 Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews

  • sky pro
  • epsum m-tracor
  • zepp golf
  • swingtalk
  • blast motion

Looking at the small gadget, most people fail to understand the potential of the Sky Pro analyzer. Most people feel that this gadget will do nothing but throw figures, which no one would know how to read and it would be adding nil value to the game. However, as the users start using the Sky Pro analyzer, they start realizing their mistakes, both in the game as well as in underestimating the power of the analyzer device. The analysis of the swings that are shared by the device gives a clear direction to the aspiring golfer to work on. After using the Sky Pro analyzer, the swing quality has improved for all the users and is nowhere close to what it used to be like.


  • Simple setup process and easy to use.
  • Gives a 3D view which lets the user analyze his game from any angle
  • Playback of the swing at varied speeds can be done real-time
  • Allows easy comparison of different swings from the swing library
  • Getting close-up view at any point of the swing made easy with the zoom-in feature


  • The gadget is pretty costly.
  • It can be used to improve only the swing. It cannot be used to analyze and improve other aspects of the great game of golf.