Best Golf Gloves Review

Expert golfers might say that constant practice is what leads to better numbers in a round of golf. Play golf as much as you can, and you’ll pick up on the nuances and the things that will eventually lead you to the perfect shot. The more time you spend practicing on the golf course and working on your stroke will naturally improve your golf skills to professional levels. But is it enough?

Practice may be half of what’s needed to get better, but it’s also the equipment that makes a golfer truly great. You will need the best beginner golf clubs, the best shoes and the best golf gloves to start off with. Apart from searching for excellent golf clubs and shoes that fit in your playing style, you’ll need to check out the best golf glove reviews. A golf glove should fit your hand the moment you put it on, after all.

Wearing golf gloves may seem trivial and depend on personal preference at first glance, because not everyone who plays golf wears one. Some of the more popular professional golfers can be seen playing golf without gloves. But consider how a golf glove can present an advantage to your game. The value, benefits and features of wearing a fantastic golf glove is to be seriously considered if you want to get better at golf. For one, a golf glove does a great job of not twisting your club as you swing it. A twist in the wrong moment can put a damper to your shot. It could even mean the difference between getting the ball to where you want it to land to making it land on a troublesome part of the course.

The second immediate feature in why you should get a golf glove is to get a good, firm grip on your golf club as you hold or swing it. Golf gloves provide excellent golf club grip, which prevents you from squeezing the golf club too tight or applying too much pressure with your hands. As you may know, too much strain and tension to your wrist, forearm and hands won’t produce an excellent shot. Golf gloves give that much needed padding to prevent friction between your hand and the golf club.

Last but not the least, a golf glove can protect your hands from extreme weather. Have you experienced making a bad shot just because your hands weren’t steady or uncontrollably trembling due to the cold weather that day? Comfortable gloves will ensure that won’t happen again. Wearing one reduces the chance you won’t get a comfortable grip because of the elements at play.

The best golf gloves should provide these 3 benefits without compromise. They may or may not have added bells and whistles in the form of extra features, but the bottom line is that the right golf glove for you should be one that improves your golf game. Make sure to look for these features before you buy one.

How To Choose The Best Golf Glove

All golfing equipment should be carefully chosen depending on what features they provide the user. This goes for your golf clubs, your golf shoes and of course, your golf glove. The good thing is that you’ll be faced with a variety of golf glove options as you look online and at sports stores.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind as you choose your new golf glove:

Hand Orientation

Should you wear your golf glove on your left hand or on your right hand? Simply follow the golden rule in the game of golf: the glove should always be worn on the top hand. So if you are a right-handed golf player, the hand orientation for the golf glove you intend to buy should be for the left hand. If you are a left-handed player, then the hand orientation should be for the right hand.

You may also want to consider wearing golf gloves on both hands. Wearing them on your left and right hand will protect your hand from the usual blisters and calluses that form as you play golf. Try and experiment if it feels natural and/or comfortable.

Golf Glove Type

It’s one of the first things you should think about as you browse through the numerous golf glove offerings in the market. The type directly affects how you play and how you experience the game of golf. Some experts classify type according to brand, but there are some factors that aren’t related to brand, i.e., material.

Leather is one of the most popular material made for golf gloves for a good reason- golfers love the feel and the tactile response it can bring. Aside from leather, there are mesh and synthetic glove materials that offer good alternatives to leather. There’s also unique materials such as all-weather fabrics that can be used on cold and rainy days, or for when you feel the need to play in the winter.


Once you determine the right hand orientation and the material you want for your golf glove, the next thing to consider is size. Many glove brands produce golf gloves in different sizes to cater to a wide range of potential customers. For some companies the size could range from Small, Medium and Large, while others cater to specialty sizes such as XL, XXL or XLL sizes. Perhaps the best indication for finding the right size is to have the golf glove in your hand and try it out for yourself.


The price determines how great the gloves are when it comes to value. If money is no object then you can just select the top, high-end golf gloves that have all the bells and whistles. For everyone else, the best value equals an affordable golf glove that presents the right amount of features for their golfing needs. The rule is that if you want to get higher-quality gloves then you should be prepared to spend more money.

Golf Glove Care and Maintenance

– Never dry it on a machine dryer or expose it for too long under the sun.

– Store your glove in a zip lock bag to protect it against dust and other elements when you’re not playing.

– Clean your golf glove with a damp cloth after every use.

– Opt for an all-weather glove if you find your hands perspire a lot.

– If possible, take the golf glove out of your hand after each round so you can dry it off.

– Having more than one glove keeps them from wear and tear sooner, thus giving you more golf rounds to enjoy.


In golf, having a good grip on your golf club is important to set off the right shots. There are a lot of techniques than ensure this, but having an excellent golf glove helps in more ways than you can imagine. The first step is in finding the perfect one that raises your game to the next level. Hopefully this golf glove guide points you to the right direction with our best golf glove reviews.