Best Golf Chipping Net Reviews 2017

  • Rukket Chipping Net with Range Marker Target
  • Price: $39.99
  • Description:The net allows for height control practice owing to the different slots on the face of the net. There are specifically three different slots available.

  • Quickster Chipping Net by SKLZ
  • Price: $39.95
  • Description: This is an improved chipping net by SKLZ. It is ideal for practicing chipping and pitching whether indoors or outdoors. It comes with a gripping frame set up that is highly versatile.

  • Izzo Mini Mouth Net
  • Price: $14.55
  • Description:This chipping net is both simplistic and effective. The netting is black and white while the center ring is red. This color combination provides the right contrast with the surrounding elements.

  • Izzo Triple Chip Chipping Net
  • Price: $23.66
  • Description: This is one of the most unique products to find in the list of chipping nets. The net is not like others which may come with only one option of play or several holes that provide the target.

  • Golf Pop-Up SKEE Chipping Target by Rukket
  • Price: $39.99
  • Description:This net has an excellent ‘pop up’ design that is foldable and this will ensure that chips hit the net no matter the speeds. The foldable rods just like a tent will ensure proper and convenient storage.

  • Nova Usa Height Adjustable Net with Golf Flagstick
  • Price: $31.20
  • Description: This chipping net has been named as one of the most realistic in the market. The main reason for this is the design in which it is made.

  • A portable driving range – 3 in 1 Golf set by Rukket Sports
  • Price: $169.99
  • Description: This net also has a roll back feature for the balls and this goes a long way to ensure that only a few balls are used.

  • Collapsible Chipping Net by JEF World of Golf
  • Price: $26.69
  • Description: This chipping net is known for its durability. Created with excellent nylon materials, JEF World of Golf have outdone themselves by creating this product.

  • Club Champ Chipping Net
  • Price: $39.99
  • Description:Ship to US, Canada, International. Free two-days shipping when subscribed to Amazon Prime. Free shipping to US is also available for qualified items. Since Amazon is a marketplace, some items are sold by Amazon and some are sold by third party merchants. Shipping offered by third party merchants varies.

  • ProActive Chip-Rite Chipping Net
  • Price: $16.98
  • Description:Great way to sharpen your chipping game, made from durable shock corded tent-pole construction with a 24″ X 23″ target area makes an ideal practice aid.Great way to sharpen your chipping game, made from durable shock corded tent-pole construction with a 24″ X 23″ target area makes an ideal practice aid.

  • Golf, Gifts and Gallery 23 in. Collapsible Chipping Net
  • Price: $18.20
  • Description:It’s all about that short game. Practice your invaluable chip shot anywhere with the easy Golf, Gifts and Gallery 23 in. Collapsible Chipping Net. This easy portable net is actually 3 nets in one, like a 3-dimensional bullseye for your short airborne shots. Though it’s a full 23 inches in diameter set up

  • Optum Home Golf Net Driving Range with Ball Return
  • Price: $99.00
  • Description:Practice your swing anywhere with the Optum Golf Driving Net Help perfect technique! Side barriers keep the ball in reach. Sturdy frame is easy to set up! This is perfect for a backyard practice net that can be used with all clubs including drivers. This training aid features an automatic ball return for hassle.

  • Callaway Quad Net, 8 Feet
  • Price: $164.99
  • Description:Japanese models may have greater torque and slightly softer shafts than US models Items sold only as shown in the images and indicated in the descriptions Headcover is not included if the images indicate that a headcover is not included.

  • Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net
  • Price: $654.09
  • Description: Tri-Ball Hitting Nets are available in 3 sizes and are made with the strongest netting in golf. It's unique shape supports practice for all clubs in your bag - from driver through wedge. Easy to set up and take down. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Includes nylon carry bag for easy transport and storage.

  • Sklz Quickster Chipping Net
  • Price: $33.76
  • Description: Featuring 3 different sized target holes to aim for and a ball catching slot for missed shots, this multi target trainer is ideal for using in your garden, garage or even indoors using regular or practice balls, practice balls are recommended in the lounge!

  • Leader Accessories Automatic Pop Up Portable
  • Price: $125.99
  • Description: This is a fantastic golf practice set for any golfer to practice driving, chipping, and approach shots in the comfort of their own home. Lower your golf scores and Save your dollars on the trips to the golf driving range.

  • 10′ GOLF Practice Driving Hitting Net
  • Price: $55.41
  • Description: Polyester floor collects golf balls for easy pick up Includes polyester carrying bag for easy storage and transport Metal stakes included for wind resistance

A golf chipping net is an important tool for both serious and hobby golfers. Sometimes it can be difficult to create time for golfing into your daily schedule. Family, work and other responsibilities normally take up most of your day. Living in a city even makes it harder since it takes time to either drive to your home golf course or driving range. The sad truth is that most people find time to practice their swing during the weekends or holidays. Majority of the top players, either on playing at the home club or on tour, give credit of their low scores to the short games. However, to perfect on a short game needs a lot of practice, which can only be achieved through many hours of practice. That’s why you need to find the best chipping net to help in your practice sessions.

Many professional golfers have less stress when it comes to long game mostly because they have perfected their short game. That means if a serious golfer misses a green, his great chipping will definitely save par or even get out of a very challenging situation with just an up-and-down. Professional golfers lean on their chipping, and this is likely when the long game is tough and not functioning as it should be. Some players blame their putting, especially when they miss their up-and-down opportunity soon after missing a 10-foot putt rather than solving the problem, which is a poor chip shot.

 Chipping nets come in different shapes, sizes and colors. That means many factors must be weighed against each other in order to get the best fit for you. If you are looking for an indoor chipping net, then look for something smaller. For outdoor practice, you need something more stable with stakes to hold it in place in case you practicing in wind. If you are looking for something for both indoor and outdoor; a healthy compromise will do.

When it comes to designs, chipping nets have many options. Some of the nets have been designed to catch the incoming golf balls and others emphasize on the target which entice the players to hit through the given holes. Design, shape, pricing, size, durability, whether applicable for indoor/outdoor practice, are some of the factors you should consider when selecting for the best chipping net.

Perfecting your swing by using golf chipping net

 Best golf chipping nets are large and well designed to assist you when practicing your swing and drive. Most of these practice nets are suitable for different location. The best nets are those that recreate that feeling of a driving range are usually large and expansive, they can also be stretched across the yard length.

If you’re trying to cure the hook or slice, this may not give you much safety as your ball can travel a long distance and it may fly off to the sides. It’s for this reason that many chipping nets have more structures both on the sides and top, as well as the back. Remember, the purpose of a chipping net is to help you perfect on your chipping and putting techniques. The net allows you to practice chipping from all angles, which greatly improves your aim. There is every reason to consider various factors that come into play to compare different products. The comparison will ensure that every person gets what is most suited to their need. The following information will delve deep into the most popular chipping nets. In addition, there will be a highlight of the elements to show the features therein.

Tips for Selecting the Best Chipping Net

There is no question that chipping nets play a pivotal role in helping players practice and sharpen their skill. It is no wonder top golfers will choose to practice this way. It is a good way to get closer to the real game and it works like a charm. Practicing this way has help build confidence in many ensuring that players stay in top shape in their games. It is not just about perfecting the short game for bigger leagues; it is also about enjoying the game and having fun with friends in the process. There is no doubt that there are people who will never make it to the real professional game but this does not remove the need to be excellent for the love of the game. It is the spirit to deliver and perform that drives many golfers. To this end, it does not matter what level you are at; it just takes the desire to play and passion to learn. The short game is designed for people who are ready to practice and see their effort yielding fruit in this regard.

 To achieve all this, it is vital to choose a chipping net that will work for you. How to determine the right net for you will require a careful consideration of the products available. Due diligence is necessary so that you are not surprised when you get something that does not work for you. The following information will help you to steer clear of the pitfalls to land on the ideal chipping net for your chipping and pitching endeavors.

There are three main elements to consider when selecting an ideal chipping net. The first thing is the effectiveness followed by durability and finally the style. When it comes to style, being personal is allowed. In fact, the style you choose will best describe the type pf person you are. There is more to style though, because design will come into play. The features provided in different products will form the style and overall design. You can only choose what you prefer as well as the method in which you feel will work best for you. Keep in mind that style is not just about colors and materials; it is about the mechanism and how the chipping net works. Effectiveness is the other crucial factor and it will be first determined by the style or design you choose for your chipping net.

 The most effective chipping net is one that challenges you accordingly. The short game should display your weakness clearly so that you can improve on your skill. Durability is the other main element that should be considered carefully. It may cost more to buy a durable chipping net but in the long run, this will save money. Choose a product that can withstand elements to get full value for your money. Therefore, know the materials of the net you choose to get; do not assume that any two chipping nets are the same.

Other factors that should be considered when selecting your chipping net include the pricing as well as the portability. Even though these factors are secondary, they play a key role in making your experience better. Again, the style might determine how portable the product is. If you are going to practice while moving around a lot, there is no need to get a big net. When it comes to the price, you need to get what you pay for. If you are working with a tight budget, you will be delighted to know that nets range from $15 to $200. Ensure that you do not choose a net purely by the price because getting an excellent short game will require all factors mentioned above to come into play.

 Other factors to consider are the reputation of the products and the companies in which they are made from. Availability of the product will also be a consideration. Look at customer reviews and see what is the most popular product in the market. What others say will help you judge the product better. There is therefore need to take the required time before you make the decision to buy. There is no need to feel overwhelmed in the process because the products reviewed above give you a clear guide on what and where to start with.

Work your short game

It really does not matter whether you have the best chipping net in the market if you do not take your practicing seriously. It is through effort and practice that strokes can be cut out effectively. To attain better scores, dedication is paramount and working your short game will all be left to your discretion. This review gives you all the tools needed to make sure that you land on the right short game. Therefore, whether you are a professional or a novice seeking to up their game, there is always room for improvement when it comes to the chipping game. Practice while having fun with your friends; there is no better way to bond than through the love of the game. With the right short game in your hands, anything is possible and it is time to conquer the golfing game accordingly.