Best Golf Bag Reviews

The best golf bags make it possible for you to enjoy carrying golf gears. There are different items you will have to carry for your golf tournament to be successful. The various types of golf bags available have specific uses. There are others which you will use to carry small items while others carry large items. The bags will help you carry golf gear around the course as well as assuring your equipment safety during the move. The golf courses available vary. It makes it necessary for you to understand the golf course where you will use the bags before you make an order. Other golf bags come with additional features which make it possible to combine different applications. Check the features available and ensure you need them before you proceed to order. You need to buy a bag which has features which you need.

Types of Golf Bags

There are about five different kinds of golf bags. The bags vary in features. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Most golfers, both newbies, and experienced players mistake the types available and think they only vary on the brands. But you should know there are different types of the golf bags available apart from buying those made by various manufacturers. Here we have five primary types of golf bags for you to stay informed.


Golf staff Bag

They are common in pro golfers. They come with logos of the tournament sponsors. The bag is massive hence can fit almost all items you will need when on the golf course. They are a bit heavy due to the many items the pros carry in them. The golf bags are made from high-quality materials hence they attract a higher price tag. If you like to buy a staff bag, then you should be prepared to pay more for the bags. If you will like to go for a heavy and quality bag, then going for this type of bags will be the right choice for you to make.

Choosing the Best Golf Bag

It is not easy to choose the perfect golf bag from the five types and many brands available in the market. But, after you follow the right steps, you will realize it is a simple task. Here are some of the factors you should take into consideration:

  • Types of golf bags:The different types of golf bags available vary on the features they possess. You need to check on the advantages and disadvantages of each bag before you buy a given system. If you love walking on the golf course as a way of staying fit, then you need purchase a staff bag. A cart bag will work well for you if you have a cart and you will like to have all your items readily available from the vehicle. Always assess the different types available and buy a golf bag which will suit your lifestyle when on a golf course.
  • Features of the golf bag:The standard features you need to check on the bags include the pockets. If you love carrying a lot of items when playing golf, then a bag with a lot of pockets will work well for you. Nice padding on the shoulder will make your carry bag easy to move around when on your back. Go for a bag which has many beneficial features. It is necessary to carry enough research before you decide on one so that you will avoid buying a bag after short while you realize it is not the best for your golf experience.
  • Budget of buying the bag: You can’t buy something you can’t afford. Your budget should always guide you when purchasing the bags. The bags are available in different price ranges. Decide on a budget before you go out and do the shopping. Most online stores have filters which will allow you filter the amount to a certain range. Although you can filter on the price, you will remain with a dozen of bags in your price range. You need to go further and check on features available at a given price range so that you will decide on the best bag.
  • Customer Reviews of golf bags: What other people say about different golf bags matter a lot. You may have ever tried different golf bags available online. To decide on the best golf bag, you need to take your time and check on what other people are saying. There are several reputable websites online where you can visit and check the reviews which people offer different golf bags. Read reviews on various reputable sites so that you will gather the necessary information for you to make the right decision.

1. Callaway Org 15 – Best Golf Cart Bag

The bag has all features which a serious golfer will need. It has enough storage for all your gear. The bag has 15 full-length dividers to make it easy for you to organize clubs and other golf gear. The top is 11 inches wide to allow easy access to your gear when playing your favorite game. It has three molded handles which make carrying the bag very comfortable.

Features of Callaway org golf bag

  • 11-inch 15 Way Top:The top has 11 inches width with 11 dividers which make it very convenient to store different items in your golf tournament. You will enjoy easy retrieval of clubs when on the green golf course.
  • Handles:The three molded handles allow several people to carry it. You can easily place it in your car trunk and drive to different golf courses. The handles make carrying the bag very easy for you
  • Pockets: It has a total of 15 forward facing pockets for you to access different items when out playing golf easily. The bag has two full-length pockets where you can carry apparel. There are also special pockets such as an oversize pocket to carry a ball and thermal lined pockets cooler.
  • Additional Storage: The bag incorporates technology in the field course. It has GPS rangefinder pouch and a fleece lined pouch where you can carry valuables. Other features include umbrella sleeve and rings to allow you carry a rain hood and towel.
  • Strap: The Callaway Org 15 has a single padded strap making it robust enough to hold everything in place. The strap is very durable for you to enjoy many years of service before you can think of a replacement.
  • Weight: The bag is only six pounds when empty. It makes it easy for you to carry it around. The materials used in making the bag are very durable. If you are looking for a bag which will serve you for an extended period, then you need to think of buying Callaway Org 15 golf bag.

Pros OF Callaway Org 15

  • Aesthetically appealing golf bag:If you are a golfer who will like to walk with a good looking bag, then this is the right kit for you to order. It has a great looking design to make you achieve the great look as a professional or just a great lover of golf.
  • Different sizes of pockets:You can always opt for conventional methods of improving the swing, if you want better and quicker results, you will have to use a golf swing analyzer. best Golf Swing AnalyzerThe graphics that are thrown by the analyzers are highly If you want to improve your game of golf, you will have to focus on improving the swing. While professional and easy to understand.If you are a beginner, this device will help you improve your game in a matter of few weeks.
  • Fair price: It is necessary for you to buy a bag which will assure you value for your money. After taking into consideration the many features the bag comes with, you will discover it is the best golf bag you can buy and enjoy value for your money.
  • Callaway Org 15 is very light: When pushing or carrying the bag on a cart, you will find it very light. It allows you to conserve your energy and use it to play your favorite game. Although it is lightweight, the bag is made out of light and durable materials which will assure you extended services.

Cons of Callaway Org 15

  • Allows club grips jamming:Occasionally the club grips can get jammed up. It is due to the design of the 15 sections. They are no full dividers hence allows the jamming of your clubs.
  • It is a little wobbly:The bag is a bit wobbly, but it will stabilize after it has been fully loaded. It has a bigger base and frame which does not flex fully.

2. Nike Air Sport – Best Golf Bag Stand/Carry Bag

Nike is a big brand which makes some of the best golf bags in the market. Golfers love Nike products because they are very durable. The high-quality fabrics used to make the bag makes it very durable. It has many pockets. Some pockets have zips making it suitable when carrying different items which can drop out of your pockets.

Features of Nike Air Sports golf bag

  • Pockets: The bag has a total of 9 pockets. Six of the pockets are zipped hence suitable for specific purposes. One of the pockets is fleece lined and water resistant. If you like to carry items which can be affected by water, then you can tack it in the water resistant pocket. The full-length pocket allows you to carry apparel conveniently. Insulated cooler pockets enable you to carry items which require temperature control.
  • Comfortable Strap:The Nike EquaFlex revolving double strap makes the bag unique. The strap is easy to carry making you comfortable when out playing golf. If you like to enjoy your golf sport, then you need to buy a bag which will make you comfortable hence carrying golf gears, the bag is among the best you can ever buy and enjoy great comfort holding it.
  • 8.5 Inches Top:The top has three dividers with eight ways. The dividers are full length which makes your club organization easier. With Nike, you will always stay an organized golfer even when traveling to golf course located way from your home.
  • Grip Legs:The bag does not easily tip. It has custom grip legs with end caps. For those looking for the best stand golf bag, it is among the top picks. It has a great design which cannot disappoint you. The materials are of high quality hence making it serve you for an extended period before you can replace it.
  • Rain Hood:Even during rainy conditions, you will still play your favorite game. The rain hood protects you from rain as you play golf. The rain hood covers the bag well so that you can continue playing without worry of essential items in your bag becoming wet.
  • Weight of Nike Air Sport Golf Bag:The bag weighs only 4.72 pounds. If you are looking for the lightest bags in the market, then you will find the bag among the best for you to consider.

Pros of Nike Air Sport Golf Bag

  • Very attractive.If you will like to stand out at the golf courses, then buying the buy is among positive efforts you can make. Most golfers will like to achieve a great image; the bag has been made to assure them great peace of mind when it comes to creating a positive look at the golf course.
  • Enough pockets.The kit comes with enough pockets for you to carry everything you need for the golf course. After you buy the bag, you will never have to leave some items behind due to lack of enough space. The designers took the time to incorporate all pockets you need to achieve excellent performance.
  • Very durable.Most bags from Nike are very durable. This is due to the durable materials the company uses to make sports equipment. It has the best construction and fabrics to last for ages before you can think of another golf bag.
  • Reasonably priced.The bag may not be the cheapest in the market, but after taking into consideration the many features it has, you will realize it is among the most moderately priced bags on the market. It is an affordable kit you can buy and achieve great convenience when carrying different items to your golf course.

Cons of Nike Air Sport Golf Bag

  • Very durable.Some customers complain of some parts tearing after a short while. For instance, several customers have complained of the golf ball tearing after a short while.
  • Requires regular cleaning.The bag is all white inside. Due to the nature of the sport, you will have to clean it regularly to avoid development of hard stains. The regular cleaning can make it inconvenient if you are among those who will like to carry the bag to different occasions before you can think of cleaning it.
  • Does not have dividers for each club.Sometimes the clubs carried in the bag can become tangled. The lack of enough dividers makes it allow tangling of the clubs. If you like to have your clubs in the best condition, you may think of another option due to the absence of dividers.

3. Callaway 2015 Hyper-Lite 5 Golf Stand Bag

When constructing the Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag, the designers at Callaway combined lightweight material, multiple pockets and a reworked stand to create our best performing stand bag to date.When constructing the Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag, the designers at Callaway combined an integrated XTT Base System, multiple pockets and a reworked stand to create our best performing stand.


  • 9.5″ Top, 5-Way Full Club Divider Organization System with Ergonomic Molded Handle
  • Xtra Traction Technology (XTT) Base System – Flex Activation with Greater Turf Contact for Added Stability
  • 13 Pockets including: Water Resistant, Velour-lined Valuables Pocket with Key Fob Thermal Lined Water Bottle Pocket Full Length Apparel Pocket Full Size Ball Pocket 4 Accessories Pockets
  • The E-Trolley Base System allows this bag to fit perfectly with most push/pull carts

4. Sun Mountain Three 5 Stand/Carry Bag

The Sun Mountain Three 5 Stand/Carry Bag features a full-length pocket, beverage pouch, score card pocket, and velour-lined valuables pocket. Other cool features include the patented roller leg mechanism, and Y-spring leg activator that provides fast, firm leg action, as well as triangular, non-slip foot pads that resist sinking into grass or sliding on slick surfaces.

Five Key Features:

  • Full-length clothing pocket
  • Beverage pouch
  • Score card pocket
  • Y-spring leg activator provides fast, firm leg action
  • Leg-lock system and cart-friendly bottom

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Sun Mountain

5. Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

Travel the world worry-free with the Samsonite Hard-Sided Golf Travel Case. This lightweight hard-sided travel case boasts a durable, solid ABS Shell which shields your golf bag and clubs from the wear-and-tear of air travel. Measuring 54″ L x 12″ H x 16″ W, this travel case can accommodate larger 10.5″ top golf bags with longer, 48″ clubs. The hard-sided travel case features a padded quilted interior with extra foam cushioning on top to protect club heads and the internal compression straps secure the golf bag. Designed to make travel a breeze with 4 multi-directional spinner wheels and 2 in-line skate wheels, allowing the case to be pushed or pulled.

6. CaddyDaddy Golf CDX-10 – Cheapest Golf Bags for Travel

The CaddyDaddy CDX-10 has a great design to assure you great convenience when traveling. All your golf gears will be kept safe after you buy the system. Durable nylon construction and zippers keep clubs safe. Mobility is made very easy due to the presence of skate wheels. The riveted handles make it easy to lift the bag even if it is full of golf gears.
  • Material:CaddyDaddy CDX-10 golf bag features ultra-durable nylon construction which makes the clubs very safe. The durable materials make the bag very durable. You will use it for an extended period before you can ever think of replacing it. The material selection is simply the best.
  • Wheels:You don’t have to use a lot of energy when moving the golf bag. It has a nice skate wheel to allow you move it around. The kit is manufactured to allow those looking for a comfortable bag to locate it quickly.
  • Zippers:With lockable zippers, the bag assures users great safety. It has optional TSA lock for you to be sure of excellent security. Golfers can carry their favorite items without fear of any theft cases or accidentally misplace them.
  • Handles:Eve when the bag is full, the handles can’t give in due to weight. The handles have been reinforced with rivets hence assuring the extra bag strength.
  • Pockets:CaddyDaddy CDX-10 comes with two oversize shoe pockets which allow carrying of extra gear. You will never run out of space upon ordering the golf bag.
  • Padding:The bag is heavily padded to give your golf equipment extra protection. You will be protected against all hazards which come with traveling. Buy any expensive game gear and the bag will assure you the necessary protection.
  • Dimensions and Weight:The golf bag only weighs 8 pounds. Its exterior dimensions are 50 x 13 x 13 inches. It is a compact bag you can buy and enjoy great peace of mind when handling your gear.

Pros of CaddyDaddy CDX-10 golf bag

  • Very durable.The 600D nylon material construction makes the bag among the most durable. It is a high-quality bag you can find in the market.
  • Well padded.You need a comfortable bag to carry; the padding makes the bag very comfortable. The padding also helps in keeping your gear safe.
  • Extra space.It allows you to carry more gear when traveling.
  • Adjustable clamps.The clamps make it easy for you to adjust the bag and allow it to accommodate your golf equipment when traveling.
  • Lightweight.The bag is only 9 pounds. It falls within the acceptable weight limit of most airlines. The skate wheels make it easy to move the bag around.

Cons of CaddyDaddy CDX-10 golf bag

  • Comes in a single color.The bag has a great design which makes many golfers prefer it. But, it comes only in one color hence restricting golfers who will prefer other colors.
  • Weak zippersZippers are very helpful in securing your luggage. But, the zippers in the bag are substandard hence give way after a short while. The low-quality zippers can inconvenience you.
    Compare different golf bags and decide on the best. Take into consideration the features and the factors we have explained above so that you can order the right golf bag.

7. SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

SKB Cases ATA Golf Travel Case – Deluxe Standard 2SKB-4814W
Representing the latest in SKB quality and innovation, the SKB ATA deluxe golf travel case is ideal for golfers who frequently take their game on the road. The case is molded from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene–the same material required by the U.S. military for cases and containers–helping keep your clubs secure whether going through the TSA inspection process or getting tossed around by baggage handlers.
The sculptured, form-fitting design, meanwhile, accommodates the vast majority of today’s most popular golf bags, including bags that store drivers up to 48 inches in length. And thanks to the patent-pending industrial-strength latches and TSA locking system, you can apply TSA-approved locks for safe and secure travel. Other details include a Perfect-Match valance bending system; a dirt-, dust-, and moisture-resistant housing; and SKB’s


  • SKB’s Perfect-Match™ valance bending system provides a tight, secure fit to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from getting inside the case
  • TSA accepted and recognized locking latch system for safe and secure travel, allowing airport security to inspect case contents
  • Sculptured, form-fitting case design accommodate popular standard and staff size golf bags
  • Includes SKB’s Million Mile Guaranty, SKB’s lifetime warranty
  • Also includes SKB’s $1,500 club coverage

8. Sun Mountain Golf Sync

These bags are lightweight and easy to transport. They feature a cart-friendly bottom and leg lock system to keep the bag in one place. Sun Mountain’s E-Z Fit Dual Strap System features straps that adjust easily and are contoured for comfort. Many Sun Mountain golf bags include a rain hood, full-length clothing pocket, beverage pouch and umbrella holder. These convenient details will make your golf game smooth and enjoyable. Ensure your golf clubs’ safety with a high-quality Sun Mountain golf bag. Select a specific bag to view more details, read reviews or compare prices with other brands.


  • 9.5″ 15-way top with 2 integrated top handle
  • Individual full-length dividers
  • Reverse-orientation top makes it easier to find clubs during use
  • Front putter compartment (large enough to fit oversized grips)
  • Beverage pocket
  • Rangefinder pocket
  • Utility handles
  • 8 forward facing pocket for easy access
  • Padded single strap
  • Umbrella holder
  • Matching rain hood

9. TB5SX14

Everything about the Titleist 14-Way Stand Bag is designed for comfort and convenience. A dual strap system allows for easy on-and-off while carrying, and eight zippered, specialized pockets and three open pockets help keep gear organized and easily accessible.Introducing a lightweight option for a hassle free, organized carrying experience. The oval shaped top-cuff allows for clubs to cascade and distribute weight evenly, while minimizing the rattle of club heads.


  • Stand bags
  • Dry grip bottom
  • Rain hood and towel ring
  • Strap system
  • 3-Way divided top-cuff with 2 full-length dividers